there is something to be said about the place that i call home. boston is and always will be that place. i’ve spent the past three years away and nothing feels closer to my heart than when i’m by the ocean, driving down roads that don’t make sense, or drinking a medium iced regular from dunks. but there’s something to be said for the people of this city and only a few choice words come to mind.




sometimes it takes a grand gesture to heal an old wound. it takes something bigger than yourself, a hero of sorts, something that can unite an entire place for a greater good.

i was eleven when the red sox played the cardinals for the world series title in 2004. i will never forget lying on my living room floor with my family, trying desperately to stay awake for the end of the game to watch the beloved red sox break the curse. and they did. and the entire state of massachusetts was absolute mayhem.

this year’s win? i have that same feeling. it feels better.

nothing could have prepared me for the way i felt the first time i went back to boston after what happened in april. it was heartbreaking and eye-opening all at the same time. the first bruins game following the marathon made me sob, david ortiz made the city smile, and this win has taken the shattered pieces and glued them back together.

“they’ll break your heart.” that line from fever pitch says it best and as long as i can remember, my parents have been telling me not to get attached to our teams because they literally get you so close to winning you can taste it, and they let you down. but isn’t that what makes it special? falling so hard for something and having it let you down only to bring you right back up and maybe win, if you’re lucky.

today i’m twenty. and the red sox and their tendency to break your heart? it’s taught me a few things about life. but i think the most important lesson we can take away from it is that yes, it is going to let you down, and yes, life is going to throw you some curveballs and downright break your heart at times, but in your darkest moment and that weakest hour, it’s going to give you something to lift you right back up and tell you to keep on moving forward because greater things are coming your way.

i have never been prouder of where i come from. i love and embrace the new england lifestyle i was brought up on and have never met another person from outside new england that quite understands what i mean when i say that. this city has taught me when to open up and when to back away, but most importantly it has taught me to wear my heart on my sleeve and go confidently after my goals and dreams and for that, i will always be grateful.

not to mention the fact that i will always have a place in my heart for that dirty water.


xo, Samantha



8 things every happy woman should have

happy columbus day! i hope you all enjoyed your long weekend if you were lucky enough to have the day off! i, unfortunately, did not. i don’t think ohio state believes in days off….or fall break. but at least i was lucky to have a relaxing weekend!

today’s post is entirely inspired by emily from cupcakes & cashmere. emily’s blog was the first i ever started reading and if you haven’t checked her out, i suggest you follow that link right on over to her site. she’s the one that inspired me to want to start blogging!

today she posted a list of 8 things every happy woman should have and i thought it would be fun to share my answers as i encourage you all to do so as well! the questions are fun and funny and definitely make you realize oh, i do have a favorite this and that!


1. a go-to drink

daytime – grande iced coffee, half and half, two pumps of classic sweetener // nighttime – whiskey sour

2. a go-to karaoke song

wagon wheel – old crow medicine show

3. a uniform

i don’t leave the house without my pearl earrings, cape cod bracelet, claddaugh ring, and drop pearl necklace. i’m usually wearing dark wash jeans, riding boots, and a boatneck striped 3/4 sleeve shirt to match.

4. a hair stylist they love

marylou conti at dimaje

5. an exercise routine

barre or yoga 3x a week, 42 minute cycle 2x a week

6. a hobby

i absolutely love writing. i could spend all day with an open word document, a good playlist, and lots of iced coffee.
on the same note, crafts. all kinds.

7. a best friend

i’m lucky enough to have known my best friend since i was five years old and grow closer to her every single day. she oohs and ahhs and cringes when necessary and knows me better than i know myself sometimes. love you, m.

8. a healthy sense of self

surrounding myself with positive people as well as learning to rely on others when necessary, along with eating clean, whole foods make me feel my absolute best.

i hope i’ve encouraged you to make your own or think about your own answers! here’s to another great fall week!!

xo, Samantha

things i’m guilty of….

i love lists like this and i was inspired to write my own yesterday when i read this cheesy article on huffington post about 25 things women need to know. the usual things like you need to sleep and don’t feel like you need to have FOMO and get a hobby. all that jazz. but anyway, here is my very personal list of things i’m guilty of and won’t apologize for.

  • wearing leggings as pants
  • getting iced coffee when it is 40 degrees outside
  • retail therapy….big time.
  • painting my nails before bed to inevitably get pillow lines every single time
  • taking 5 hours to finish a coffee
  • saving studying for a huge exam until the night before
  • reading multiple books at once
  • writing cold toned emails with pictures attached to the grocery store when my produce isn’t perfect
  • getting a new email account every time i sign up for too many things
  • saving leftovers but never eating them
  • cracking my fingers in silent lecture halls (like that’s gross and i actually am sorry)

i could think of probably a million more but i’ll spare you the details. i’ll be back this afternoon with a currently loving because i know that i will not be paying attention in my biochem class considering my two professors fight for the first thirty minutes anyway!! have a great morning!

xo, Samantha

p.s. this list was actually really fun to write, i encourage you all to make one!!

loving yourself.

everywhere around me i’m surrounded by people promoting fitness and health and stressing the fact that you need to love yourself for you. in the past year, i have learned that the actual key to happiness does lie within loving yourself wholeheartedly for everything that you are. from being involved with CHAARG to my classes in my major, this seems to be the overall theme everywhere i look. and guess what? it is 100% true.

i can fully attest to the fact that last year during winter break i did not love my body. i was no longer the high school athlete that didn’t need to go to the gym to workout. it was a struggle for me – and a lot of twentysomethings i’m sure – to find a routine that i actually liked. by the time spring break rolled around, i felt like a new person and it felt awesome. i love being in control of my life and i love how positive it makes me feel.

dear september 2012 self:

find something you love. i gave up running and i couldn’t be happier. in all truthfulness, i despise running. to me it is the most boring thing in the world. enter cycling. give me twenty minutes on a bike and i get the same type of runner’s high. i throw on a show on netflix for 45 minutes and just cycle. other things i love? yoga & barre.

let go of the stress. this might be the most important thing on this list. once you learn to let go of people and situations that cause you unnecessary stress, your whole world is brighter. that person that makes you feel awful? don’t see them as much. love to cram and pull an all-nighter before a big exam? space out your studying so the night before is a big review.

do what you love. okay, this is the most important. last year i changed my major from biology to nutrition and i could not be more happy. i had this wild dream of becoming a doctor and then i took chemistry. and then i wanted to be a psychologist and took psych classes. and then i wanted to be a journalist and took writing classes. i changed my major five times. sometimes you have to take a step back and reevaluate and make a change and i promise that it is okay. in five years i see myself helping others to make a healthy change in my life and i know for a fact that it is where i want to be.

stop driving everywhere. SERIOUSLY. i’m in college. i don’t need a car. this year i traded the car for a bike and a pair of sneakers and i already love the exercise i get just walking to class and back.

say no. we are a generation of yes. want to get coffee? yes. want to go out tonight? yes. want to meet me to study? yes. if you’ve had a long week and just want time to yourself, just say no. i’m not saying to say no to everything but chances are, you aren’t going to miss out on anything if you skip the party or don’t get a coffee once in awhile.

create “you” time. find a passion, watch some netflix, read a book, go for a walk, try a new recipe. it doesn’t matter what you do, sometimes you just need time to yourself to do what you really want to do and it is so important to make that time so you don’t feel burnt out.

eat the french fries. as a nutrition major i have learned one thing to be the number one rule: eat anything, in moderation. yes, you can have those french fries and yes, you can eat that chocolate ice cream. just don’t do it every day.

shop the perimeter. want to save money on groceries every week? shop the perimeter of the store. opt for fruits and veggies over the chips in aisle 12, they will fill you up without needing to eat the entire bag. and a little secret? go for whole grains, in the calorie department it might be higher but in the overall net gain it takes way more effort to digest whole grains over anything else.

get a support system. this is huge. i do not know where i’d be without my friends and boyfriend that constantly listen to me talk about how much i love to exercise, how stressed out i am, or how i just found pb2 at the grocery store. to them: THANK YOU.

set goals and buy a journal. i food journaled for a long time last year not to count calories but to keep myself accountable for what i’m eating. i’m a lot less likely to eat an entire bag of popcorn if i don’t have to see it in writing. set a goal. lose five pounds? buy yourself a new workout tank. my current goal? complete the fit plan and buy myself the lululemon yoga mat i’m lusting over.


i love who i am and i’m so happy that i made a healthy change in my life. i’m so thankful for all of my friends and family and the opportunities that i have to better myself every single day. it is never too late to make a healthy change, go out there and just do it.

xo, Samantha

july blog challenge

day two: why do you blog?

i blog for the creative outlet it allows me to have. when my life gets stressful and crazy i turn to writing to give me a sense of control. i can control the story and the characters and the plotlines. i write about real life experiences in the eyes of different characters and perspectives. i blog because i get to put my words on paper (so to speak) and let other people see them.

blogging is a sense of community. you can find someone in a completely different part of the world doing inspiring things or having experiences similar to yours. instead of reading the newspaper in the morning, i read my favorite blogs to get a positive perspective going into the day.

i’m brand new to the scene and admittedly a little late to the blogging world but that’s okay because i love it. i love blogging and putting my words out there for other people to read in hopes that if i can inspire just one person, i’ve succeeded.

have a fabulous tuesday!


july blog challenge & day one!

hello bloggers!!

i’m excited to say that i’m taking on the july blog challenge in order to add some structure to my blogging style and get more posts out to you! there will still be plenty of fashion, food, and shopping but this will help to get me posting everyday instead of just whenever i can squeeze it in! and hopefully you’ll get to know me better too!

if anyone else is interested in joining me in the challenge, the schedule is posted here! let me know if you plan to in the comments so i can get to know you better too!! but enough delay for now, let’s get started!

day one: twenty facts about me.

1. my name is twenty-four letters long. imagine writing that in cursive one hundred times in elementary school!
2. i go to college in the midwest.
3. i am addicted to coffee. hot, iced, frozen, anything. i’m at the point where i get headaches if i don’t have it.
4. i have a job at ann taylor loft and am kind of obsessed with it.
5. i am definitely a cat person. (not trying to offend all the dog lovers out there, i’m just afraid of dogs that have the potential to be bigger than half my size because….)
6. i’m just over five feet tall.
7. i love cupcakes, but i hate cake.
8. i am in a long distance relationship six months out of the year while i’m away at school.
9. my boyfriend might be a better cook than me and i can live with that.
10. i am obsessed with horizontal stripes.
11. i am a self-proclaimed french fry connoisseur. (its a lifestyle.)
12. i have a little brother that is basically the real life equivalent of ferris bueller. and yes, i’ll admit that i’m the always jealous yet loving sister.
13. i wake up at the crack of dawn and don’t even try to fall back asleep because i’m afraid of missing out on something.
14. i judge my first impression of people by the way their nail polish looks.
15. i am a j.crew obsessive and visit the store an average of three to four times a week.
16. my favorite television show is and will probably always be gossip girl. xoxo. 
17. if my life was arrested development i would be lucille bluth. watch out world. 
18. if i magically become rich one day i would be an interior decorator.
19. speaking of that, i’m also addicted to hgtv. anyone else? i can’t be the only one.
20. i am fairly confident that if stuck in the wilderness alone i would barely survive the night because i’m so afraid of the dark and BUGS.

have a great monday!!