netflix documentaries

i cannot count the amount of people talking about netflix documentaries on my two hands. from my friends to my professors, i feel like everyone is watching them. as curious as i am, i’ll admit that i’m actually a little bit afraid. the food ones peak my interest the most but i’m so afraid to watch them because i like meat. regardless, i’ve been more and more apt to cozying up on my couch on friday and saturday nights because it is just so cold outside and leaving my leggings, candles, and blankets is just way too much effort. i’m excited to dive in this weekend, here are the top five that i’m most excited to watch!

hungry for change


[an expose of the secrets that diet, weight loss, and food industries use to keep consumers coming back for more.]

food matters

Image[taking an inside look at the food you eat and how it is helping (and hurting!) your body.]

bill cunningham new york

Image[photographer, bill cunningham, records what the people on the streets and in the salons of new york are wearing.]

park avenue: money, power, and the american dream


[a clear demonstration of the gap between the wealthy and the poor most apparent on park avenue.]

god save my shoes


[a revealing documentary of the relationship between women and their shoes.]

i’m secretly glad that food, inc. is no longer available for streaming because if it was i know that i would be watching that first and swearing off meat for the next few weeks. if you have any suggestions for documentaries you love and would not miss, let me know in the comments! i am always up for suggestions! 

xo, Samantha


friday things!

one . everything is perfect when you’re a liar


[okay so i’m just about finished with is everyone hanging out without me? and i need opinions. has anyone read this by kelly oxford yet? or should i just go for bossypants by tina fey?]

two . jcrew factory


[this shirt must be mine and at $21.00 how can i not? i can just see the coral being the pop of color under my navy vest! also, jcrew factory is 50% this weekend in store and online so shop til you drop!]

three . melanie


[my best friend’s study abroad blog was featured on the abroad guide today! if you want to learn a little more about how life is in spain go check her out! she gives a funny, just detailed enough account of her studies travels. you can read her blog here and her interview with the abroad guide here!]

four . gossip girl


[every single episode of gossip girl is on netflix and i am undoubtedly coming down with some yucky fall cold so you know where i’ll be spending my weekend! i highly recommend to have at least a few hours if you’re going to start watching! you will without a doubt want to up and move to manhattan, max out your credit card, and find your bestie in the form of S (or B!)]

five . words


[this is the cutest, i want to get it printed and frame it on the little table by my doorway as a reminder every time i leave my apartment!]

i hope you all enjoy your (long) weekend! mine will be spent doing a serious craft project which i absolutely cannot wait to unveil! what are your big plans this weekend? let me know!

xo, Samantha

netflix addicted

i don’t know about anyone else but my friends always come to me when they need a suggestion for a new tv show to start watching. maybe it’s because i filter between eight shows during the week and have a minor obsession with reading tvfanatic and predicting the end of shows. all i know is that tv is my place to escape and after taking a media cultures class last semester all i can do now is silently critique everything that is wrong from behind my bowl of popcorn. 

i don’t have cable in my apartment so eight months out of the year i turn to netflix and hulu to watch new episodes and/or binge on one show for three weeks at a time. (netflix, i’m talking about you)

with summer in full swing and no classes to worry about, it is my favorite time to watch entire seasons of shows and catch up. here’s what i’m loving right now!

gossip girl.


my absolute favorite show of all time. i’ve seen every episode and cannot wait until season six is up on netflix so i can rewatch the final ten episodes all over again.

how i met your mother.


i started watching this on a whim after six of my friends would not stop tweeting about how funny it was and it did not disappoint. i’m in the middle of season eight right now but am already upset that season nine (beginning in the fall) will be the last.

pretty little liars. 


because everyone has a guilty pleasure….right? i’m twenty years old and still get nervous watching it on my own maybe because A might be the creepiest teenage stalker/murderer around.

arrested development.


i cannot get enough of the shambly bluth family and their antics. my boyfriend and i just finished season one and i’m surprised i haven’t stayed up all night to watch every episode and not tell him about it. the best part? now a netflix series, the entire season is released at one time for those people that love to marathon through shows.

what are some of your favorites? if you have any suggestions for what i should start next, please let me know, i’m always looking for something new!