friday things!

it is officially november!! cue the holiday music, red cups, and yummy desserts. i am so extremely excited for this month and the upcoming holiday season! november has been and always will be one of my favorite months of the year because after daylight savings on sunday things start to feel that much cozier. i’m so excited to spend most of the weekends this month relaxing on the couch with holiday music, cozy socks, and a few good reads.

here’s what i’m loving this friday!

one . red cups


 [my very first red cup of the season – well documented of course! nothing makes me happier than that little cup of cheer at 8 am! my favorite holiday drink is also officially out as well – skinny peppermint mocha! what’s yours?]

two . michael buble holiday pandora


[it is never too early. never.]

three . desk inspiration


[i am truly loving scouring pinterest for some major desk inspiration. it’s my goal to have my desk organized and a new inspiration board by the time i leave for thanksgiving break!]

four . mark and graham


[absolutely in love with this little monogrammed shop. i will definitely be getting some holiday goodies from here!]

five . sam edelman


[i still need to have these heels. sam edelman himself is coming to ohio state tomorrow for a fashion show benefitting a cause near and dear to my heart – buckeyethon! i’m so excited to play dress up with my best friend and have so much fun at the event!]

have a fabulous weekend and go treat yourself to your favorite holiday drink! you all deserve it!

xo, Samantha


friday things

okay guys i’ve been a bad blogger and i am very truly sorry! but i do appreciate you all stopping by this week even with my lack of posting, i love my followers and a great big thank you! it has been a crazy week and i’ve finally accepted the fact that a “midterm week” is a straight up myth in college. how about a “midterm EVERY week?” 

but on to the fun stuff because it is FRIDAY! 

one . vsx


[have you ever been to victoria’s secret sport? because if not, i encourage you to hop in your car and spend this friday night shopping! i went to an event for CHAARG last night at our vsx and i probably would have bought the entire store if i got my paycheck today instead of next week. need good workout pants? look no further than the knockout.]

two . pumpkin whoopie pies


[julia of lemon stripes posted these on her blog this past week and they are definitely on my list of things to make! my boyfriend is coming in for next weekend so i’m excited that he gets to be my guinea pig for what’s sure to be pumpkin-y, cream cheese-y goodness.]

three . playlist

[do y’all like country music? if yes, keep reading; if no, keep reading. i have discovered the king of fall country playlists. actually, my boyfriend did (credit where credit is due), but seriously this is amazing. check it out here. also, i’m obsessing over kip moore lately. crazy one more time? such a pretty song.]

four . hunters


[madly in love with these. via nordstrom.]

five . words


[saw this on pinterest earlier and i thought it was so perfect. find your fit, do what makes you happy, live the life you want to live, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.]

have a great weekend! i’ll be back next week with hopefully some yummy recipes! and finally unveiling the craft project that i’m obsessing over! what are you up to this weekend? i’ll be cheering on my buckeyes and my red sox tomorrow all day long!

xo, Samantha