there is something to be said about the place that i call home. boston is and always will be that place. i’ve spent the past three years away and nothing feels closer to my heart than when i’m by the ocean, driving down roads that don’t make sense, or drinking a medium iced regular from dunks. but there’s something to be said for the people of this city and only a few choice words come to mind.




sometimes it takes a grand gesture to heal an old wound. it takes something bigger than yourself, a hero of sorts, something that can unite an entire place for a greater good.

i was eleven when the red sox played the cardinals for the world series title in 2004. i will never forget lying on my living room floor with my family, trying desperately to stay awake for the end of the game to watch the beloved red sox break the curse. and they did. and the entire state of massachusetts was absolute mayhem.

this year’s win? i have that same feeling. it feels better.

nothing could have prepared me for the way i felt the first time i went back to boston after what happened in april. it was heartbreaking and eye-opening all at the same time. the first bruins game following the marathon made me sob, david ortiz made the city smile, and this win has taken the shattered pieces and glued them back together.

“they’ll break your heart.” that line from fever pitch says it best and as long as i can remember, my parents have been telling me not to get attached to our teams because they literally get you so close to winning you can taste it, and they let you down. but isn’t that what makes it special? falling so hard for something and having it let you down only to bring you right back up and maybe win, if you’re lucky.

today i’m twenty. and the red sox and their tendency to break your heart? it’s taught me a few things about life. but i think the most important lesson we can take away from it is that yes, it is going to let you down, and yes, life is going to throw you some curveballs and downright break your heart at times, but in your darkest moment and that weakest hour, it’s going to give you something to lift you right back up and tell you to keep on moving forward because greater things are coming your way.

i have never been prouder of where i come from. i love and embrace the new england lifestyle i was brought up on and have never met another person from outside new england that quite understands what i mean when i say that. this city has taught me when to open up and when to back away, but most importantly it has taught me to wear my heart on my sleeve and go confidently after my goals and dreams and for that, i will always be grateful.

not to mention the fact that i will always have a place in my heart for that dirty water.


xo, Samantha



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