the cooler

i’ve been keeping this craft a secret for the past three weeks and i am here to finally reveal it! for my boyfriend’s 21st birthday i painted him a cooler. i am not greek but he is and i have been so excited to finally make him one! if you like a good craft, this is a project for you! i’ve searched so many pinterest, tumblr, and blog pages over the past three weeks for ideas i’ve realized that you can make a cooler for almost any event. i will definitely be making another one over the summer and probably one for me too! they’re just so cute!!


what you need:

  • a whole bunch of acrylic paint
  • sandpaper
  • mod podge
  • paintbrushes
  • tissue paper
  • spackle
  • sharpies (i used about six for the whole project)
  • primer paint (i used gesso, super cheap at michaels for a lot of it)
  • a sealer (krylon matte or glossy spray works well)

how to prep:

1. sand your cooler until it doesn’t feel rough or look shiny anymore.

2. this is optional but i filled the grooves with spackle to make it easier to paint.

3. let the spackle dry for about two hours and then cover the entire cooler with gesso or your primer. let dry for 24 hours.

how to paint:

1. use painter’s tape to get the lines on your surface perfect and then paint the entire surface your background color.

2. to get your images or words to look perfect, print them on computer paper and then trace them onto the tissue paper with pencil.

3. transfer your image onto the dry painted surface with sharpie by tracing once again. if you don’t let the surface dry, you will ruin your sharpies. i ruined about four.

4. paint and add in your details.

5. let the entire surface dry when finished for about an hour and then seal with mod podge before moving on to another surface.

how to seal:

1. once finished, do another two coats of mod podge, getting everything. this is important. it helps keep the sides not only glossy but also adhered together.

2. spray with your sealer and let dry for 24 hours.

this project is not for the faint of heart. it took me about two weeks to complete with the painting and drying and all that jazz but it was absolutely so much fun. i’ve found a whole new love for painting and cannot wait to do another one! i hope these tips and tricks help you and feel free to ask any questions in the comments – i’m sure i’ve already run into that problem and can help!!

happy painting!

xo, Samantha


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