8 things every happy woman should have

happy columbus day! i hope you all enjoyed your long weekend if you were lucky enough to have the day off! i, unfortunately, did not. i don’t think ohio state believes in days off….or fall break. but at least i was lucky to have a relaxing weekend!

today’s post is entirely inspired by emily from cupcakes & cashmere. emily’s blog was the first i ever started reading and if you haven’t checked her out, i suggest you follow that link right on over to her site. she’s the one that inspired me to want to start blogging!

today she posted a list of 8 things every happy woman should have and i thought it would be fun to share my answers as i encourage you all to do so as well! the questions are fun and funny and definitely make you realize oh, i do have a favorite this and that!


1. a go-to drink

daytime – grande iced coffee, half and half, two pumps of classic sweetener // nighttime – whiskey sour

2. a go-to karaoke song

wagon wheel – old crow medicine show

3. a uniform

i don’t leave the house without my pearl earrings, cape cod bracelet, claddaugh ring, and drop pearl necklace. i’m usually wearing dark wash jeans, riding boots, and a boatneck striped 3/4 sleeve shirt to match.

4. a hair stylist they love

marylou conti at dimaje

5. an exercise routine

barre or yoga 3x a week, 42 minute cycle 2x a week

6. a hobby

i absolutely love writing. i could spend all day with an open word document, a good playlist, and lots of iced coffee.
on the same note, crafts. all kinds.

7. a best friend

i’m lucky enough to have known my best friend since i was five years old and grow closer to her every single day. she oohs and ahhs and cringes when necessary and knows me better than i know myself sometimes. love you, m.

8. a healthy sense of self

surrounding myself with positive people as well as learning to rely on others when necessary, along with eating clean, whole foods make me feel my absolute best.

i hope i’ve encouraged you to make your own or think about your own answers! here’s to another great fall week!!

xo, Samantha


One thought on “8 things every happy woman should have

  1. I love this post and totally agree that every women should have those things! Don’t worry my school doesn’t give us Columbus Day or fall break either, so you aren’t alone!

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