friday things!

one . everything is perfect when you’re a liar


[okay so i’m just about finished with is everyone hanging out without me? and i need opinions. has anyone read this by kelly oxford yet? or should i just go for bossypants by tina fey?]

two . jcrew factory


[this shirt must be mine and at $21.00 how can i not? i can just see the coral being the pop of color under my navy vest! also, jcrew factory is 50% this weekend in store and online so shop til you drop!]

three . melanie


[my best friend’s study abroad blog was featured on the abroad guide today! if you want to learn a little more about how life is in spain go check her out! she gives a funny, just detailed enough account of her studies travels. you can read her blog here and her interview with the abroad guide here!]

four . gossip girl


[every single episode of gossip girl is on netflix and i am undoubtedly coming down with some yucky fall cold so you know where i’ll be spending my weekend! i highly recommend to have at least a few hours if you’re going to start watching! you will without a doubt want to up and move to manhattan, max out your credit card, and find your bestie in the form of S (or B!)]

five . words


[this is the cutest, i want to get it printed and frame it on the little table by my doorway as a reminder every time i leave my apartment!]

i hope you all enjoy your (long) weekend! mine will be spent doing a serious craft project which i absolutely cannot wait to unveil! what are your big plans this weekend? let me know!

xo, Samantha


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