things i’m guilty of….

i love lists like this and i was inspired to write my own yesterday when i read this cheesy article on huffington post about 25 things women need to know. the usual things like you need to sleep and don’t feel like you need to have FOMO and get a hobby. all that jazz. but anyway, here is my very personal list of things i’m guilty of and won’t apologize for.

  • wearing leggings as pants
  • getting iced coffee when it is 40 degrees outside
  • retail therapy….big time.
  • painting my nails before bed to inevitably get pillow lines every single time
  • taking 5 hours to finish a coffee
  • saving studying for a huge exam until the night before
  • reading multiple books at once
  • writing cold toned emails with pictures attached to the grocery store when my produce isn’t perfect
  • getting a new email account every time i sign up for too many things
  • saving leftovers but never eating them
  • cracking my fingers in silent lecture halls (like that’s gross and i actually am sorry)

i could think of probably a million more but i’ll spare you the details. i’ll be back this afternoon with a currently loving because i know that i will not be paying attention in my biochem class considering my two professors fight for the first thirty minutes anyway!! have a great morning!

xo, Samantha

p.s. this list was actually really fun to write, i encourage you all to make one!!


5 thoughts on “things i’m guilty of….

  1. Omgosh the grocery store emails made me laugh out loud! I can totally picture them! Bahahaha you are awesome.

    But I totally am in the leggings as pants camp – obvi with oversized tees but still – and it also takes me until approximately 2 pm to finish my first cup of coffee for the day. Twins! 🙂

    • so glad to know i’m not alone!! loved your post on blog meetups today. when i venture down to dc (pending everything being open again……) we will have to meet up for coffee and spend the day savoring it until late in the afternoon!

      • Ahhh yes please! 🙂

        I shall bring all the pictures of my bruised avocados and we can draft up ice cold letters to my local Harris Teeter together.

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