woman crush wednesday….

i actually cringed as i typed the title of this post but honestly how ironic that i feel compelled to write about my top three fictional best friends on woman crush wednesday! at least i didn’t hashtag it like half of my instagram feed today.

last year i took this class about culture in the media (i’m 60% sure i’ve wrote about this before….just pretend you’ve never read it) and it basically changed my life in a semester. i constantly criticize my favorite tv shows, sex and the city i see you, for portraying women as ultimately wanting one thing – the man. i wrote my final paper on three older shows that really romanticized this idea of needing that husband and then compared it to three newer shows that portrayed women as having a bigger role.

i love these ladies and what they’re doing for women. they are a representation of the strong, driven, confident, beautiful person we should all strive to be. also, they all tweeted at each other one time and i secretly wanted to tweet at all three of them and ask them to coffee. we would sit in starbs for hours drinking pumpkin spice latte’s and becoming best friends. it could happen.

lena dunham


[this girl puts it all out there and is proud of it and there’s nothing better than that. she’s driven and confident and she doesn’t care that she isn’t the skinniest or the tallest or the modely-est. she writes and stars and produces girls, which i had my doubts about but inevitably fell in love with after episode two. also, i watched tiny furniture on netflix and it was definitely interesting but if you’re a girls fan, you’ll love it.]

claire danes


[i start this off by saying that i’m obsessed with homeland and didn’t really know about claire danes until i started watching it. but after becoming a serious fan, it was obvious that claire danes is an actress and a damn good one. i don’t know how she manages to make as many crying faces as famous as she did or totally envelope into her character but whatever she’s doing, she better not ever stop. she plays carrie so well i don’t really know how to picture her on the streets as a real human being.]

mindy kaling 


[i’m begging you to find someone cooler than mindy kaling. i love the office, i love is everyone hanging out without me?, and i love the mindy project. she is so real and says the most outrageous things but all you can think is, “okay i was thinking that.” but she just goes for it and doesn’t even care. i devoured her book over the weekend and if you need a read that will pick you up and make you laugh out loud, this is the one for you.]

who do you admire in hollywood? let me know in the comments!! here’s to being halfway through the week!

xo, Samantha

p.s. i just texted my boyfriend and told him i was doing this post and he immediately responded and said “let me guess who its on….MINDY.” yes, i may have bombarded him with quotes from her book last weekend and i’m not for a second sorry about it.


3 thoughts on “woman crush wednesday….

  1. Mindy! Lena! Yessssss! I’ve never seen Homeland, but I love Claire as well. I approve of this whole blog post 🙂
    Some of my other favorite women in Hollywood: all the women on Parks & Rec, specifically Amy Poehler, of course her bff – Tina Fey, and I’m absolutely obsessed with the Fanning sisters. I’m sure there are many, many more that I am forgetting.

  2. Gahhh you so nailed this! I am a huge Mindy Kaling fan AND I love Homeland, mostly just for Claire Danes super manic, spazzy, genius self.
    A few of my other favorite Hollywood idols include Emma Watson (ivy league, fearless, and Hermione?!), Rashida Jones, and old school Amanda Bynes – she’s SO funny, I hope she gets back to her old self again soon!

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