currently loving

it is wednesday! we are halfway through the week or if you’re taking an (extra!) long weekend like me, you’re all done! i packed up my books and notebooks and stashed them away in their spot on my bookshelf. i’m off to see my boyfriend and family back home this weekend and i could not be more excited!

something about sitting in the airport starbucks and doing some blogging tomorrow morning has got me extra excited! not to mention the fact that i finally finished getting the proofs done for some merch for my glamour gals chapter….hello spirit jerseys! and endless emails from the girls with sizes. but back to wednesdays and currently loving, which we all know is one of my faves!



tassel garland . i’ve been hunting around for a cute garland to hang by my television which is mounted on a wall and i think this might be the one! pink and gold is my favorite decorating technique lately, it just looks so pretty!

brooklyn nine nine . um, one word: obsessed. i was kind of heartbroken when andy samberg left snl and i am almost not really over it. digital shorts and one of the cutest goofy guys to grace television was a serious loss to late night, i pity the people that don’t get to watch snl with him. BUT he has found his home in brooklyn and debateably could not do his detective job better. if you haven’t watched this, start. swoon.

true american . with my recent obsession with new girl (okay so obviously i love tv, let’s just be upfront here), i have been dying to try to play true american. there are no official rules but i’m pretty sure with my love for us history….and my tendency to play games better while drinking, i know i would rock it. 1-2-3 JFK, FDR.

kate spade . go to your address bar right now and search kate spade fall 2013. the librarian, nerdy cute theme is back in its best form yet! i want something, anything with the literary glasses print, too cute!

mindy kaling . love her, for me she’s right up there with lena dunham. i’m downloading this on my nook tonight and cannot wait to break it open tomorrow on my flight! sorry in advanced to whoever is sitting next to me as i’ll for sure be laughing away.

enjoy your night and just remember, we’re halfway done!! back tomorrow with a reese’s pieces cookies recipe that will be sure to brighten your weekend!

xo, Samantha


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