friday things!

happy weekend, friends!

we’ve made it through yet another week, this one being the first of fall! hooray! i’m looking forward to spending my saturday at the shoe (ohio state’s stadium for all you non-buckeyes) for the first night game of the season!

one . forest friends book club


[very excited about this! i’ve been looking for a book club of sorts to get me to read more for me instead of for school and my friends sarah and kaitlyn over at the duck and the owl have started one! hop on over to their page for more details!]

two . cozy sweaters


[loving this elbow-patch sweater via j.crew! i need to get my hands on the navy!]

three . leaves


[i saw this really cute infographic on pinterest the other day and think it is so pretty. being from new england where the trees turn the prettiest colors, i absolutely love looking down from above to see all of them.]

four . josh radnor


[on monday night i got to watch the season premiere of how i met your mother commercial free….and with josh radnor himself! i’m in that picture somewhere and this was easily one of the coolest experiences ohio state’s activities board has offered yet! josh is a really really cool guy, a huge fan of the buckeyes (columbus native!), and just loved to talk to us. it was so weird to watch him be so confident and funny on stage and then watch him play ted mosby (with him watching too!!)! i can’t wait to cuddle up on the couch next weekend with my boyfriend and watch happythankyoumoreplease!]

five . reese’s pieces peanut butter cookies via averie cooks


[i’m playing houseguest to a house full of boys next weekend and if there was one thing my italian family taught me growing up, it is to never show up as a guest somewhere empty handed. if there’s one thing i know my boyfriend loves, it’s my chocolate chip cookies and the peanut butter in these are just an added bonus! come wednesday night i will be trying my hand at these babies and you’ll be the first to know if they come out horrifically wrong!]

six . weekend words!


[absolutely loving these words.]

have an amazing weekend, go outside and enjoy the fall weather!!

xo, Samantha


2 thoughts on “friday things!

  1. Ohmygoodness! we’re so honored to be on this list surrounded by everything we love! Cozy sweaters? Fall? Josh Radnor? Have you seen the films he’s written/directed/starred in? If you haven’t, you must check them out–some of our favorite films of all time. And those cookies? YUM! 🙂

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