friday things

as i sit at work right now i am anxiously counting down the minutes until it will be six and i’ll be free and it’ll officially be the weekend! this has been a particularly trying week, so much so that one of my beloved sharpie pens has dried out. it was the pink one too. i can’t wait to spend tonight doing yoga, reading, crafting, and catching up on my dvr and spend all day tomorrow tailgating!

one . refinery 29


[if you have ever obsessed about calories or count calories, this one is for you. i can personally say that i counted calories for six months last year and kind of hated it. i saw this article earlier today on luella & june (bradley agather is a really awesome blogger, check her out) and it really hit home for me. reading articles like this and being a nutrition major has seriously changed my mind on the calorie front. read on friends, it’s a good one.]

two . emmy’s


[is it just me or does anyone else have the biggest crush ever on neil patrick harris? i love the emmy’s and can’t wait to watch with some of my friends on sunday night!]

three . the book thief


[after my whirlwind of a read that was the fault in our stars, i have officially decided that this was my next venture. i’ve heard nothing but good things about this one!]

four . fit plan


[i am so excited for this! as a member of CHAARG, a fitness club that is sweeping the college-aged nation, i can proudly say that i am totally participating in this! 10 weeks of planned workouts that are completely free. you also don’t have to be a member of CHAARG to join! feel free to email by Sunday night to get the link to sign up! take the challenge with me!]

five . words


[food for thought. my dream? to write a novel. what’s yours?]

have a great weekend!!

xo, Samantha


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