lights, camera, action!

it’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaaar! for tv! if you haven’t guessed it by now, i love primetime television. i frequently (and shamelessly) binge on shows on netflix and then inevitably have yet another obligation to find out what happens! i am known to get people hooked on shows and hold the title among my friends as the official recommender. i can’t help it that my favorite lazy day activity involves a whole lot of popcorn and perhaps the comfiest couch around.

but really, the fall tv premieres are among the best of the entire year and i am here to share convince you to watch my faves!

new girl . tuesday 9:00pm


[enter jessica day, the crazy/completely real/quirky teacher taking on the adventure of sharing a loft with three men. i watched the first season of this and LOVED it and then i slowly lost track and stopped watching. with seasons one and two on netflix, i’m catching up and let me tell you, season two is even more ridiculous and funny than season one was. i find myself laughing out loud so often that i’m fairly certain my neighbors think i’m crazy.]

the mindy project . tuesday 9:30pm


[fox is doing something right by playing new girl and mindy back to back. another show focused around a completely relatable female character makes this as equally funny as new girl. i love how absolutely real mindy is about her struggles balancing a real job, a relationship, and her love to party.]

how i met your mother . monday 8:00pm


[you will fall in love with barney, feel sorry for ted, want to have a relationship like marshall and lily, and go to canada with robyn. i won’t say much else because i have an entire post planned coming your way on monday after i watch the premiere with josh radnor, but i will say it is going to be LEGEN….wait for it!]

modern family . wednesday 9:00pm


[i have loved this show since it premiered in 2009. i still call my mom almost every wednesday after its on so we can talk about it. it is laugh out loud funny and heartwarming all at the same time. and the best part? you don’t need to watch every single week to know what’s going on.]

homeland . sunday 9:00pm


[they couldn’t all be funny! i’ll be completely honest, i did not think i was going to like this show. war crimes, terrorism, secret government stuff – not exactly upper east side fashionista’s trying to find their husbands. but i tried it and i am hooked. 100%. my boyfriend still can’t get over the fact that i like it. it is suspenseful and tricky and you can’t trust anyone. also, while claire danes might have the most famous crying face ever, she is FIERCE. you go girl.]

these are just a few of my faves. feel free to ask me for any suggestions at all, i’m sure i can come up with something! i’m off to pop some popcorn and continue watching new girl after this exhausting week. thanks for reading!

xo, Samantha


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