exciting news!

we are officially halfway through the week and thank GOODNESS. with three exams (anatomy and orgo….yikes!) i have had little time to do much else but memorize all of the muscles in the leg. i wouldn’t recommend it because now whenever i do anything all i can think about is how it is actually happening.

but the good news is that after this week i have so many fun things coming my way! like watching the premiere of himym with josh radnor (yes, REALLY! – more on that later), jumping on a plane to visit my wonderful boyfriend, apple picking, pumpkin bread, my boyfriend coming to visit me, and a whole lot of college football! hooray! can you tell i’m ready for october?

time for the real news though!

1. i have joined the north east bloggers network and am so incredibly excited about it! ever since i started blogging i couldn’t wait to get involved with other bloggers and this network will give me such a cool opportunity to make some blogging friends! i already have a few ideas for a guest post on their site, so stay tuned! big things happening!


2. this post featuring my crafted lilly letter popped up on my newsfeed this morning! to add to the surprise the organization that posted it was LIFEGUARD PRESS. granted it was a link to someone else’s blog, but the featured picture was my letter! how exciting!


3. iOS 7. iPhone lovers, the update is here. bring on the bright colors!

i have some other cool things coming to the blog within the next week and i promise i’ll be back with more regular posting next week! but for now get excited for a yummy terriyaki chicken crockpot recipe, a huge t-shirt turned dress for gameday, my experience with a ten week fit plan, and for all the himym lovers – my experience watching the final season premiere with josh radnor (i see you ted mosby).

have a great day!!

xo, Samantha


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