friday things

this weekend will be spent enjoying the fall air after a week of 90 degree, my-hair-is-still-wet-from-the-shower humidity. i have a ton of schoolwork to catch up on and exams next week so i’m momentarily saying goodbye to my social life, but i know a lot of fun things are coming my way.

one . the fault in our stars


[i bought this yesterday and can tell i’ll be finished by the time the weekend is over.]

two . explorer megs


[one of my very best friends has embarked on a journey of a lifetime through semester at sea. she is traveling to sixteen countries over the next three months and has the best blog posts about it. travel lovers, check her out.]

three . loft


[i am loving this front pocket tunic from loft for this fall. it looks incredibly cozy to wear with leggings and sit with a cup of tea and read. i know it’s going to be a staple.]

four . home


[i’ve officially booked a trip home in three weeks to visit this guy at school! i am incredibly excited to see him, eat cider donuts, and enjoy his gorgeous beach house for a few nights!]

five . words


enjoy the weekend!!

xo, Samantha



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