friday things


i have been waiting to say that all week! it feels like this week dragged but it also feels like monday was just yesterday! regardless, i’m officially a week into the semester and sunday marks september which unofficially means FALL. the best season around!

one . fooooootballllllllll

Image[tomorrow kicks off college football season which means day parties, hairbows, and lots and lots of beer. #justgobucks]

two . PSL

Image[the pumpkin spice latte is officially back at my starbucks! as much as i wanted to get one yesterday i’m making myself wait until it is officially september, and it is officially no longer 88 degrees everyday.]

three . LOFT


[i love this dress for fall! here’s thinking ahead to thanksgiving, but with some navy blue heels, i know exactly what i’ll be wearing.]

four . levo league


[levo league is the perfect website for twentysomethings. they have articles about everything from networking to pencil skirts and share such good tips for how to transition from college to work. i especially loved this article regarding FOMO and how it affects our generation of social media obsessives. i know i have such a fear of missing out but after reading this, my perspective changed just a little.]

five . fall tv

Image[another reason why fall is one of my favorite times of the year is the promise of new tv shows and the return of favorites. what am i looking forward to? modern family, how i met your mother, the mindy project, trophy wife, and ravenswood]

i will be spending my weekend cheering on the buckeyes and wearing the last bit of white for the season. enjoy the long weekend!!

xo, Samantha



2 thoughts on “friday things

    • i did a little research and i’m sensing a wisconsin fan, i don’t know if big ten rival friends are allowed…. just kidding! although i do love my buckeyes!! and yes, levo league is such an amazing resource, i love the articles!

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