my new glasses have finally arrived! the speed at which i checked the tracking info and ran to get my tiny new package could have been rivaled by usain bolt. jusssssst kidding, running is not my friend. 

but really, these glasses are beyond cute. and warby parker as a company is outstanding. from trying them on in the store to the simple ordering process and the speed at which they arrived, i couldn’t have asked for more. bravo, WP.


[does everyone love simplicity as much as i do?]


[meet mallory]


[shameless selfie]

i had the hardest time deciding between mallory and sims but after some convincing by my boyfriend i eventually decided on the mallory in the blue marblewood and i couldn’t be more sure of my choice.

check out warby parker, i promise you won’t be disappointed! and the best part? with every pair sold, they donate a pair to someone in need. what’s better than letting someone else have the ability to be a bookworm just like you?

and speaking of that, does anyone have any suggestions for books? i’m in desperate book hangover mode and i need something to save me from it!

xo, Samantha


2 thoughts on “bookworming

  1. Ahh too cute! I can’t wait for mine to get in this week. I ordered a pair of Mallory’s in tortoise shell and I am. so. stinking. excited. to try them on! 🙂
    I think it’s official: I love Warby Parker!
    j. parker

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