friday things

happy friday, bloggers!!

this series is always one of my favorites to do and to read on other blogs that i follow on a daily basis so i’m changing the structure. from here forward i’m going to focus on things inspiring me this week in no particular order!

one . warby parker


[whether or not you need glasses, warby parker is the place to go! i found their location on newbury street and popped in to try a few pairs on in their libraryesque store, but if you don’t have one near you they offer at home try on! at only $95 a pair including the lenses, you can’t go wrong.]

two . starbucks


[i love iced anything, but recently my boyfriend went out of the box and got the orange spice iced coffee and let me tell you, it was AMAZING. it was bold and fruity and tangy all at the same time.]

three . hammy


[meet buster!! my new chinese dwarf hamster. my adorable boyfriend got him for me to keep me company in my roommate-less apartment and he is absolutely darling.]

four . the mindy project


[my newest tv obsession. mindy kaling was witty in the office and is brilliant in her new show. i cannot wait for the second season premiere on september 17.]

five . CHAARG


[i recently joined the newest women’s fitness movement, CHAARG, at my school. between group workouts, whole30 recipes, and a whole new way to look at fitness, i can tell that this fall is going to be an adventure!]

stay tuned for pictures of my newly decorated apartment as well as me cooking my way through a cookbook, julie & julia style. happy weekend!!

xo, Samantha


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