hello, again!

hello friends!!

after two weeks of crazy out of control packing and finishing summer work and saying goodbye to friends and family i am back at school! today was my first day of junior year and after hearing all three professors today talk about how there’s no excuses for missing classes because we’re not little underclassmen anymore, reality has set back in. these next two years will be it before i’m thrown into the real world and the real life twentysomething job search….HELP.

on a less intense note, i’m buried under j.crew bags and tupperware boxes filled with pretty things for my new/old apartment (same place, no roomie, hello decorating frenzy)

there will be pictures to come once i have a majority of it decorated and presentable but here’s what’s inspiring the design!


[never enough monograms]

Image[navy is my favorite color]


[lilly things….i made these!]


[cape cod inspired guest bath]

since i am finally back to school and not working crazy hours anymore, expect to hear from me a lot more!! i’m also working my way through a cookbook, stories to come i’m sure!!

xo, Samantha




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