earthy crunchy….in the granola kind of way.

if you know me, you would know that i am the queen of snacking. luckily, i opt for fruit, almonds, and veggies rather than chips, frappuccinos, and fries. (okay…maybe the fries, a girl’s gotta have her guilty pleasures)

these are the best combination of sweet and crunchy, not to mention they took me less than ten minutes start to finish. (including cleanup!) next time you need your chocolate fix, try this. trust me, its a game changer.

Image1. pop the chocolate (i used semisweet chips) in the microwave for about a minute (stir at the thirty second mark), set aside.

2. slice the apple, the best slices came out when done at a slight angle, so the top of the slice is not flat.

3. dip the slices in the topping of your choice! i chose granola because i had it on hand but i bet these would be delicious with coconut or plain oats as well.

Imageenjoy the weekend!!



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