july blog challenge!

okay so i’ve been MIA for awhile and that’s okay because i was in disney world! which was so much fun, more to come, i promise! but i’m going to try to pick up with the blog challenge today and then make up for the days i missed in august!

day 11: bad habits.

okay so i have more than a few and they’re all kind of annoying to other people but don’t bother me so i guess that’s a win for my book? i’ll count it as one! 

  • cracking my knuckles. been doing it since fourth grade and i’m never stopping
  • biting my nails.
  • mentally answering yes or no to questions and never actually saying it outloud.
  • going on a cleaning rampage and making everyone around participate.
  • throwing away other people’s food in the fridge and not telling them.
  • leaving five chips left in the bag and putting it back in the pantry. yes, i’ll eat them later.

what are your bad habits? let me know!!



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