july blog challenge

day two: why do you blog?

i blog for the creative outlet it allows me to have. when my life gets stressful and crazy i turn to writing to give me a sense of control. i can control the story and the characters and the plotlines. i write about real life experiences in the eyes of different characters and perspectives. i blog because i get to put my words on paper (so to speak) and let other people see them.

blogging is a sense of community. you can find someone in a completely different part of the world doing inspiring things or having experiences similar to yours. instead of reading the newspaper in the morning, i read my favorite blogs to get a positive perspective going into the day.

i’m brand new to the scene and admittedly a little late to the blogging world but that’s okay because i love it. i love blogging and putting my words out there for other people to read in hopes that if i can inspire just one person, i’ve succeeded.

have a fabulous tuesday!



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