july blog challenge & day one!

hello bloggers!!

i’m excited to say that i’m taking on the july blog challenge in order to add some structure to my blogging style and get more posts out to you! there will still be plenty of fashion, food, and shopping but this will help to get me posting everyday instead of just whenever i can squeeze it in! and hopefully you’ll get to know me better too!

if anyone else is interested in joining me in the challenge, the schedule is posted here! let me know if you plan to in the comments so i can get to know you better too!! but enough delay for now, let’s get started!

day one: twenty facts about me.

1. my name is twenty-four letters long. imagine writing that in cursive one hundred times in elementary school!
2. i go to college in the midwest.
3. i am addicted to coffee. hot, iced, frozen, anything. i’m at the point where i get headaches if i don’t have it.
4. i have a job at ann taylor loft and am kind of obsessed with it.
5. i am definitely a cat person. (not trying to offend all the dog lovers out there, i’m just afraid of dogs that have the potential to be bigger than half my size because….)
6. i’m just over five feet tall.
7. i love cupcakes, but i hate cake.
8. i am in a long distance relationship six months out of the year while i’m away at school.
9. my boyfriend might be a better cook than me and i can live with that.
10. i am obsessed with horizontal stripes.
11. i am a self-proclaimed french fry connoisseur. (its a lifestyle.)
12. i have a little brother that is basically the real life equivalent of ferris bueller. and yes, i’ll admit that i’m the always jealous yet loving sister.
13. i wake up at the crack of dawn and don’t even try to fall back asleep because i’m afraid of missing out on something.
14. i judge my first impression of people by the way their nail polish looks.
15. i am a j.crew obsessive and visit the store an average of three to four times a week.
16. my favorite television show is and will probably always be gossip girl. xoxo. 
17. if my life was arrested development i would be lucille bluth. watch out world. 
18. if i magically become rich one day i would be an interior decorator.
19. speaking of that, i’m also addicted to hgtv. anyone else? i can’t be the only one.
20. i am fairly confident that if stuck in the wilderness alone i would barely survive the night because i’m so afraid of the dark and BUGS.

have a great monday!!



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