the best part of my day

waking up to good morning texts from my boyfriend.
cuddling with my cat. (for the three seconds before he squirms away!)
the first sip of a dunkin donuts iced coffee.
giggling with my coworkers over the silliest things.
reading in bed and being unable to stop.
the panic feeling before a discount is applied.
watching how incredibly peaceful my boyfriend is when he falls asleep.
laughing at a tv show (arrested development) so hard it hurts.
shamelessly singing to country music at red lights.

this post was definitely inspired by collegeprepster . carly recently posted one of these on her blog and it really made me think about the little things that make my day every day. it is important not to overlook the little things because more often than not, those are the things that matter most. what makes your day special to you? let me know in the comments!



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