love that dirty water

after a devastating loss last night that came down to the last minute of game six in the stanley cup final i have officially realized what it means to be a boston fan: heartbreak. between the bruins, celtics, red sox, and patriots these teams will take you so close to a championship you can taste it and rip it right from underneath your feet. 

and yet, as fans, we keep going back for more

i come from one of the most beautiful cities in the country filled with some of the most passionate, arrogant people in the world but i love it wholeheartedly. there is nothing like being a boston fan, having other people hate you for it (because we’re so good), and getting to battle them until they have nothing left to say because boston is better. (just kidding, not trying to rant here, but really)

in response to everything that’s happened in the past few months, nothing makes me prouder to say that i am from boston. we may be an arrogant group but we fight for each other and the support and love that pours from this city is endless and infectious. 

this city will always remain close to my heart and i don’t think i could ever leave it. from the new england standards, winding roads that breed insane drivers (yes, i’ll admit to it), and that oh so charming boston accent that someone from across the world can pick out of a crowd, we’re a breed unlike anything else.

i am so proud of this city and everything it has accomplished, overcome, and had the strength to endure. i will forever be #bostonstrong.




2 thoughts on “love that dirty water

  1. Nice post. You’re right about Boston teams getting us right to the end but then losing.. all four of our major teams have done it recently and it’s really tough. But we keep coming back because they are that good.. they always have a chance to win a championship.
    Just don’t forget that Boston is still the City of Champion because in a decade span (2001-2011) we won seven championships with all four teams accounted for! No other city has done that. Boston Forever! #bostonstrong

    • i love fellow boston fans!! we are the city of champions and we take in so many great athletes (young and old) that love our city as much as we do! its great to be from a place filled with so much passion for EVERY team rather than just one sport or one region!

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