c. wonder

let’s talk preppy.

c. wonder, a new chain of colorful, preppy-inspired clothing, accessories, and decor has popped into my life and i don’t think i’ll ever be the same. dramatic, but really.

the brand undoubtedly resembles tory burch’s attention to bright, bold colors and has a nautical flair. its not an accident that j. christopher burch is the mastermind behind these little pop-up shops.

i stepped into the store and didn’t want to leave. between the nautically decorated ceilings, the nine foot surfboards, and the impressive wall of sunglasses, i was hooked. with my closest c. wonder store being the one in nantucket, i’m definitely thankful they have a website!


[nantucket store via cwonderstore instagram]


[limoncello shorts]


[i love you nautical flag bracelet]


[citrus currant soy candle]


[the preppiest innertube you ever did see – bought this. obsessed.]

have you been to a c.wonder yet? what are your faves? let me know in the comments!!



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